My radio gear:

Icom 5100 VHF/UHF                                                                                                  Using homemade Desktop mike or bluetooth headset

ICOM 7300 HF                                                                                                            Zetagi MB+5

Retevis RT 95  VHF/UHF                                                                                           Original mike

Baofeng UV-9R handheld


No opportunities
 for beam

Diamond X-300 for VHF/UHF

Sirio 50 mHz for 6M

Sigma HF-360 vertical for HF

Endfeed longwire for 6-160 m

80 m loop 

The magic Dipole for 6M -
homemade in the simplest way.

                                                                                                     Sirio 6M                                                  Diamond X-300              ADS-B                 Sirio HF-360

New desktop mike.

Bought on ebay for 5.65€ 

Its made of plastic and is very  light.
The switch on the mike is not the
best quality. 

I dissambled the mike took out the switch, build in another switch and put in a plug for my
food switch. The original cabel with mini jack plug was removed and i use a RJ 45 cable, that
goes directly into my Icom 5100.

I glued some nuts to the bottom plate for giving it some more weight.

Final result. The rapport from other HAM radio amateurs is very good. 
A computer mike with a swan neck an really good sound for under 10€ all in is fantastic.
Here to the rigth you see the On/Off switch i used instead of the cheep slider switch.

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